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Are you looking for a unique gift to show your love for the loved one? Custom Blanket is a good choice. Starbackdrop offers a range of custom blankets. Whether it’s for wife, husband, mom, dad, son or daughter, you can find the most satisfactory blanket in our shop. Whether you are looking for a gift for birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift, a warm blanket that full with your love will be the most perfect choice.

This Personalized Blanket feels soft with fleece material, more lightweight and much warmer than regular cotton blanket. Exquisite appearance, fine craftsmanship, neat stitches, guaranteed quality and affordable price, multiple sizes and styles for you to choose from. It is not only a blanket, but also a symbol of love in your heart. We bring your love to life with the perfect item for every occasion.

The Personalized Letter Print Blanket features bright color and beautiful personalized letters and patterns. Such as To My Wife Blanket from Husband, To My Son/Daughter Blanket from Mom, etc., this blanket will bring your love to the one you love. Imagine him/her putting on this blanket on a cold winter day, feeling the warmth of it and the love from you, is there a better way to express love than this?

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