Directional separation of colors in advanced techniques of color grading

Directional separation of colors in advanced techniques of color grading

The directional separation of colors. Does the name look tall? Ahem, this is a very serious subject.

What is the directional separation of colors?
First, let's talk about what color separation is. In fact, we use color separation everywhere. Such as optional color tool, hue/saturation tool. It consists of two steps: select a certain color, and then adjust the selected color, here specifically refers to the color removal. For example:

What if we just want to reduce the saturation of the leaves in the picture?

This is color separation

Since we have color separation, why do we need color directional separation? For example: if we want to separate the green in the picture below, what should you do?

If we use the previous separation method, the result will be:

You will find that the green cannot be separated well.

Why? The main reason is that the green range in the tool is too wide to achieve accurate adjustment. At this time, directional adjustment comes in handy. We often see some advanced gray and gray-toned colors in photography, such as:


These effects can be achieved by directional color separation technology. What is directional color separation? Let's look at a picture first.

We duplicate the layer, invert it, then change the blending mode to hue, and adjust the opacity to 50%, you will find that the picture becomes black and white (a very small part of the color will only reduce the saturation, not completely gray) . In other words, in most cases, we mix a color with its 50% inverted color in the hue mode and it will become gray. This laid the foundation for our subsequent operations.

Take the picture just now as an example, we use the eyedropper tool to select green, then create a new layer, fill the color, invert, change the blending mode to hue, adjust the opacity (usually less than 50%), the result is:< /p>

Compared with the previous color separation:

Because the color recognition is accurate, the separation effect is much better

So, what is the role of directional color separation? It has three main functions. 1. Correct the color cast. Second, create a gray tone. 3. Create a specific color. I will not talk about one, I will mainly talk about two and three. What if we want to turn the right side into the left side?


The average person may think of optional color, hue/saturation tools. But if a certain color is a typical color, this method is no problem, but in some cases, the color positioning is not accurate, which will lead to inaccurate adjustment. At this time, we use directional color separation, which can customize the color well. The eyedropper tool absorbs the blue in the picture, then creates a new layer, fills it, changes the blending mode to hue, and adjusts the opacity to separate the blue and coordinate the overall tone. For another example, if we want to separate the blue in the figure below, but don't want to destroy the red, we can use directional separation:


This is the second effect of color orientation separation.

How to understand the third role? Illustrate with a picture:

On the left is directional color separation, and on the right is normal color separation.

Obviously, the color of the leaves on the left has changed. This is the third effect of color orientation separation: through the hue layer, it affects other colors, but because the opacity is not high, the degree of influence is relatively limited, resulting in some subtle colors reaction. If you are good at using this feature, you will find a lot of wonderful colors.




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