Do it yourself to make a wooden background wall for the bedside detailed steps

Do it yourself to make a wooden background wall for the bedside detailed steps

I saw that the background wall of other people's bedside is made of wood, which is beautiful and classy. Do you plan to prepare your own materials or do one? Here are the detailed steps:

I have already drew the prototype of what I intend to make on the drawing, so I did it according to the drawing, first draw the line on the wood with a pencil, and then drill the hole with a drill.

Fix a long piece of wood and this short piece of wood together with nails.

Fix a short piece of wood on both ends of the long piece of wood, and then nail them to the upper part of the wall as a whole.

Then nail the same short lumber on the middle side of the side wall. Secure with two screws.

Make one on the other side at the same height, and then use the horizontal wood as the benchmark on the wall, and pave the vertical wood with the same spacing.

Because the background wall is made into a three-dimensional shape, it must be edge-sealed beforehand.

Add a wooden wedges between the two adjacent vertical timbers to make it stronger.

The middle is the same as the above method, according to the short wood fixed in the front of the wall, make two horizontal woods. Fix it with the vertical wood with screws.

The junction of the timber at the bottom of the corner is fixed with an angle iron to prevent deformation when the weight sinks and play a supporting role.

Add wood panels to this wooden frame. Because the plates need to be spliced ​​together, screws must be used.

When fixing the board, don't forget to leave a rectangular hole in the middle for storing items.

Because the middle is empty, we need to fix the inner sides with wooden boards.

Such a bedside background wall is completed.

Then hang a picture frame on the wall, and fix the bedside lamp directly on the background wall to see how it works.




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