How can one become better at photography?

How can one become better at photography?

There is no lack of beauty in life. What is lacking is the eyes to discover beauty, but eyes alone are not enough. They cannot perfectly preserve the beautiful moments in life.

It's the camera and your photography skills.

Next, the editor will tell you some basic knowledge of photography

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In photography skills, we can cleverly use contrast skills .

The object of contrast can choose color, size, distance, meaning, etc. Appropriate use of contrast will make our photos take more depth.

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Secondly look for prospects.

Appropriately adding a foreground to the photo can make the picture backdropstar backdrop

Be good at using guide lines.

The so-called guide lines are some lines that can take the reader's eyes to walk. The guide lines do not need to be real lines, but generally have their shape.

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Learn to fill in photos.

When you choose a close-up shot, you can fill the entire photo with the subject, so that the reader's attention can be focused and the subject can be more prominent.

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There is also the problem of flash. Some friends are very afraid to turn on the flash when taking pictures. In fact, only by mastering some key points can you not worry about this problem at all.

When using the built-in flash, pay attention to using the internal flash to fill light, which can reduce the output of the internal flash, so that the subject will not be too light.

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Also, when using a wide-angle lens, be careful that the black shadow of the lens appears under the photo, which can be improved slightly by zooming.

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Be good at using bounce flash when using an external flash, so that the flash light can be softer.

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There is also the possibility to add a mask similar to the on-site light for the flash, so that the color of the overall photo will be more natural, and the subject will not become white and the background Yellowish or blueish.

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