how to change discord background

how to change discord background

In the color matching design of interior decoration, it is particularly important to deal with the relationship between harmony and contrast. The fluctuations of colors form a certain sense of rhythm and rhythm. We must first determine the main color of the space, the main color of the color plays a leading, foil, and contrasting role in the indoor atmosphere. Only by paying attention to the regularity of colors and seeking changes on the basis of uniformity can it be easier to play the role of indoor color beautifying the space.

We often divide colors into main roles, matching roles, background colors, and embellishments. The background color refers to the wall, top surface, and ground. The background color area is the largest, especially the color of the wall determines the tone of the interior. The main character is the main body in the space, that is, a large piece of decoration. The matching character refers to a smaller volume than the main character. Colors of relative hue can be used to set off the main character. As for embellishment, it refers to small decorations. Bright colors can be used to highlight performance and play a finishing touch.

When matching colors in the same space, you need to pay attention to the change of hue. When one color is transformed into another color with greater contrast, a color is needed as a transition, such as a wood-colored floor and a red wall. Add a touch of white wall skirt as a transition. If you need to use multiple colors with strong contrast at the same time, you can mix one color into each color, so that each color has the color component, and the color matching becomes more harmonious.

The color matching methods commonly used in interior design include complementary color matching and similar color matching. Color matching is a relatively easy expression method to use. Using color combinations that are close to the color circle, similar colors will show tranquility, Fresh feeling, these colors also appear rich due to their changes in brightness and chroma. How to combine the color matching with the achromatic system will enhance its expressive power of brightness and chroma.

The achromatic system is what we call black, white and gray. It is easy to control, and it is not easy to cause visual fatigue, which helps to highlight the expressiveness of the surrounding environment. Achromatic and other colors can play a role of set off and highlight, and the color system established entirely by achromatic is more low-key and elegant, which is very suitable for modern and simple design techniques. The use of black and white gray tones gives the space a unique elegance. The rhyme and the sense of quality interweave restraint and elegance.

Another way of color matching is complementary color matching, which can also be called collision color. As the name implies, it refers to contrast color matching, which can also be subdivided into strong color matching and complementary color matching. Strong color matching refers to the matching of two far apart colors, such as: yellow and purple, red and cyan, this color matching is relatively strong; complementary color matching refers to the matching of two opposite colors, such as: red and green, cyan and orange , Black and white, etc.

Used on the basis of complementary colors and color matching, it can also extend a variety of advanced matching performance methods, such as separation and complementary methods, that is, using two adjacent colors of one color in contrast to form a contrast color of three colors . Dual complementary approach, that is, two sets of contrasting colors are used at the same time, and four complementary colors are used. Three-color contrast method, that is, the three main colors form a chromatic contrast of hue, purity, and neighboring colors.

There are many factors involved in the color matching of interior design. The color needs to be matched with the light and the environment, as well as the shape and material of the interior decoration, facilities, and appliances. Different materials have different degrees of light receiving and reflection, and they will interact with the color of the room. The quality of color is not just the color itself, but from the overall point of view, the color design can be harmonized with the overall environment of the room. It can make people feel harmonious in color matching.




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