How to make a background for a baby shower

How to make a background for a baby shower

Once you level up to become a mom, do you know what you do most often? The answer is to show the baby.

From pregnancy to the birth of the baby, this process is extremely anticipated. Once the baby is born, if you want to share your baby with friends and family, then baby exposure is an indispensable part!

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In reality, examples of taking pictures of newborn babies

Let’s share with you the pictures taken from newborns to two months old. Tips:

(1) Light

The baby is too small to turn off the lights with flashing! Natural light is definitely the best choice for photographing babies, and the light at your fingertips is the light by the window, so if it is daytime, it is recommended to push the baby towards the window to let the soft light from outside the window shine in.

(2) Baby's work and rest/adjustment of shooting angle

Novice parents often use different perspectives to capture their baby's figure. After understanding the light of the environment, if the baby's eyes are open, then by adjusting the angle of the camera and the baby, you can also make the baby's eyes catch light, but your mobile phone should not be directly at the baby!

(3) Focus and shooting mode

Novice parents use the camera's aperture prerequisite mode (Av mode). If the baby is facing you, you can widen the aperture, blur the background or produce front bokeh, so that the photo can be completely focused on the beautiful baby. But if the baby is slightly facing you, it is best to reduce the aperture of two to three levels depending on the situation, increase the depth of field, so that the other side of the baby's face and eyes are not too blurred. If you take a group photo, please be sure to reduce the aperture to shoot, so that all the characters can be clear.

(4) Photo selection

The close-up of the baby’s face must be the bulk of the parents’ cameras, but besides the face, don’t forget the cute little hands and feet, even Photos of babies drinking, bathing, and interacting with themselves and other family members.

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In reality, examples of taking pictures of newborn babies

(5) Composition of photos

If today Take close-ups of the baby, then approach the baby under the premise that the camera can focus without blocking the light, so that he can fill the camera's picture and become the protagonist. Compared with a baby who is straight in the picture, if his body can be reclining in the picture, it will be full of movement.

(6) Foreground and background

In principle, the simpler the background, the better. For a baby who was just born one day, use the frame of the crib as the front bokeh to highlight the baby's petite innocence.

(7) Use of accessories

Buy some brightly colored accessories for your baby. Whether it is a hat or a toy, it can add a lot of color to the photo.

(8) Correct exposure

Because of the principle of camera metering, if you choose weighing metering, when the screen is full of white or light-colored objects, the overall exposure will be It is lower than what the naked eye can see, so please be sure to add exposure compensation (Ev).

(Ten) Special post-production

Most of the photos are taken in Raw files. After adjusting the exposure and white balance, they will be output in Canon's built-in portrait mode.

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In reality, examples of taking pictures of newborn babies

Finally, I wish you all novice parents a few months Captured all their precious time within a period of time.




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