If the house wants to be renovated, you can’t help but know these little tips for painting the walls

If the house wants to be renovated, you can’t help but know these little tips for painting the walls

When I was young, there was a nursery rhyme called "I'm a Painter". At that time, I was a child who was a little older. He naively thought that painting a wall was like painting a picture. However, if you have really experienced painting a wall, you won’t It will feel so simple, because a perfect wall requires very skilled craftsmanship and high-quality finishing steps.

Today I will use the methods and skills I have accumulated to tell you about painting walls. Although you don’t have to be a strong painter, I believe you want the walls in your home to look very comfortable. , So what exactly needs to be done? Let me walk into the world of painting the walls with me


Six very important key points for painting walls

The first point: before preparing to paint the wall, you must first make sure that the outer lime of the wall you are going to paint has completely dried, because painting the wall that is not dry will cause the wall to appear motley, which will greatly affect the appearance .

The second point: In the process of painting the wall, the lime slurry must be constantly stirred, otherwise the painting will have stripes of different depths due to the solidification of the lime slurry, which is very unsightly.

The third point: Painting has directions and requirements. Random painting will only make the wall very irregular. It is like scribbling an impression painting on the wall. It is not beautiful, so I want a clean and beautiful wall. It is necessary to paint vertically, from top to bottom, if it is horizontal, you can only brush from left to right, but the amount of lime slurry controlled by the brush must be handled well to prevent the lime slurry from flowing down and forming a mark.


Fourth point: If the old wall is painted with a new one, it means that there is likely to be old dark lime on the wall, or because of a long time, the wall has a lot of spots. If you want to refresh the color, It is necessary to paint the wall with a white lime slurry first, and only after it dries can it renew the color.

Fifth point: If the wall powder has not been painted for more than half a year, and you want to paint acidic color dry wall powder, such as the more popular green or blue now, it will easily have acid-base neutralization reaction with the original powder. Therefore, you must do a good job of investigation before painting, so as not to waste all previous efforts and add new troubles.

The sixth point: If you are asking workers to paint, you must hire experienced workers to prevent the waste of time due to greed for cheap. On the other hand, if you are painting yourself, you must be prepared in terms of safety.


Tips for painting the wall: How to make the wall not fall off

When blending the mortar for whitewashing the wall, adding a small amount of salt can increase the adhesion of the mortar, and it will not easily fall off after brushing the wall. Under normal circumstances, the proportion of salt mixed in the mortar should be installed with quicklime than salt. The ratio is one hundred to seven.

Tips for painting the wall 2: How to make the wall whiter

Usually, if we paint the walls by ourselves, we will find that although we have bought a whitening mortar, the paint is still not so white. That’s because you don’t know how to add a little blue ink or blue starch when mixing the mortar. The effect is very obvious by adding about 5%.

Tips for painting the wall 3: How to make the wall colorful

We can add a proper amount of powder smoke to the mortar, so that the painted walls will appear gray, if we add loess powder, the walls will become light yellow, if we add chrome green or pot green, it will be painted light green, if you add If it is red clay powder, it will be painted light red.

However, depending on the composition of different mortars, it is best to take a small amount of mortar for test experiments, and then add the corresponding amount of color powder according to the ratio, so that the effect of painting will not be very different from the expected effect.


Painting tips 4: How to paint wall paint at home

You need to pay attention to many aspects when painting the wall yourself. For example, the method of painting is to choose a brush or a roller, or choose a spray method. Brushes generally leave marks, and the proportion of addition should be controlled, generally 20% to 20%. If it is between 30%, if it exceeds 35%, it will be overly diluted, which will not be conducive to painting, causing powder removal and bottom leakage.

If you use a roller for construction, the effect will be relatively better. When using a roller for construction, the ingredients do not need to be diluted with too much water. You can add a little water to dilute or not dilute. The overall effect after painting is almost comparable to the effect of wallpaper.

If you use the spray method, I personally suggest to use the airless spray method, because the construction effect is basically the same, but the airless spray only needs to be formed once, which saves time in the process compared with the air spray.

After the wall is painted, open the windows for ventilation for a week, so that the painted material can be completely dried.


Painting Tip 5: Antifreeze of Mortar in Winter

When painting the house in winter, the mortar will become sticky due to the addition of water, which is not conducive to the construction. You can add an appropriate amount of salt to the mortar and stir, and it is best to add warm water to stir, so that the mortar can remain unfreeze for a period of time and paint The effect is relatively better.

Painting tips six: decorate winter walls with driers

Winter decoration is a relatively troublesome thing. Taking into account the drop in temperature, it will hinder the construction of the wall decoration and the drying after completion. However, this situation also needs to be dealt with. We are deploying thick paint. Some adjustments will be made according to the temperature at that time. For example, when the temperature is minus five degrees Celsius, we usually add about 40 grams of drier, so that the next process can be carried out 24 hours after the painting is completed. Up.


The decoration work is not as fast as possible, but under all special climatic conditions, it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments. The biggest problem of winter decoration is the temperature drop, which has a great impact on the construction. Therefore, some chemical methods are needed to make the decoration. The material can dissolve quickly and dry out. The use of driers during the construction process achieves such a goal.

The decoration itself is a very rigorous and patient work. From the simple painting of the walls, we can find that there are a lot of exquisites. A lack of rigor and care will be reflected in the final work effect. We can also find in the small details of mixing the mortar and adding salt. Often the painting technique is one aspect. These small decoration skills will provide great convenience for our decoration. Masters often say that the experts look at the door. The layman sees the excitement and wants to be an insider in life, we need to master a lot of these skills and methods, so that we can relax in life.


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