Perfect room wood background setting

Perfect room wood background setting

Perfect room wood background setting

The soft decoration of the bedroom mainly refers to the choice of bed and bedside table, the choice of lamps and lanterns (including chandeliers, wall lamps and table lamps), and the choice of decorative paintings, green plants, and fabrics. These will be discussed later.

Solid color background

Generally, gray-blue or dark green is the most common, calm and warm;

Some parts are also made of pure gray. Except for the blackboard walls in the children's room and the study, black is generally not used much, but it is handled well and the effect is not bad.

For designs with a little industrial style and retro style, you can consider the following approach. The uneven edges are like mountains or city skylines.

Wood backgound

If the whole surface is made, whether it is colored or solid, it is generally a vertical collage texture, which will appear taller.

Conditional ceilings can have a light leakage effect, which is very good.

You can also make a half-wall plank similar to a wall skirt, and then choose a bed without a backboard.

Photo Wall

Generally, it is hung on the background wall or the wall directly opposite the bedroom door. The height should be coordinated with the entire bedroom, and the center of the picture should be slightly higher than the standing line of sight.

Hanging methods are nothing more than photo wall combinations, banners, diptych or triptych, and they can also be placed flexibly with the help of shelves.

Wallpaper (including geometry, wall stickers)

In addition to the common small floral and striped series, there are actually many choices, such as geometric patterns, natural scenery...

You can also use various wall stickers to decorate, generally including text, maps, woods and other elements.

You can also use non-marking tape for DIY

Brick wall

The original partition wall texture can be retained, but this is not the case in most urban apartment types now, and this effect can only be achieved by tiling cultural tiles.

Generally old houses will be whitewashed.

Custom storage

Generally, the wardrobe will be located on the side of the bed, but it is not ruled out that putting the storage at the head of the bed may be a better design choice.


It will make the whole space more integrated, and can also customize the workbench and dressing table at the head of the bed.


As mentioned earlier, the bedroom soft furnishing is a systematic project. I won’t expand it in detail here, but let me mention a few points.

The choice of small furniture such as bedside tables has a great influence on the overall quality and fun of the bedroom.

Auxiliary lighting, usually small chandelier, wall lamp or table lamp, is a point of creativity.

Can be combined with homeoffice.

Actually, there are many alternatives to the bedside table. Common ones include chairs, wooden piers, old suitcases, etc. The impurity racks in the picture are not bad.

Mirrors, carpets, changing stools and changing baskets are also points that can be designed. The quality lies in the details.

The bedroom should be a warm place at home. A simple and stylish bedroom background wall can play a finishing touch and embellish the entire bedroom space. The bedroom background wall is the highlight of the bedroom design. The design of the bedroom background wall does not need to be luxurious and luxurious. A simple background wall design can also make people feel warm.

Many people do not like to choose the background wall of the bedroom according to the style of the home decoration. Therefore, the style of the bedroom will not match the style of the living room, and it will not look good. Therefore, regardless of the style of decoration, the bedroom background wall should be selected according to the style of the living room, and each style has several good-looking bedroom background wall options.

Modern style background wall

The design is modern and fashionable. Pursue pragmatism. The overall style of the bedroom tends to be modern, and the space design lines are smooth and bright. Therefore, the choice of bedroom background wall should follow the overall theme.




wood grain background

white wood background

rustic wood background

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