Put a stone wall at home

Put a stone wall at home

In the past, our walls were all made of stone. Unlike the current walls, they were basically made of neat bricks.

Then the walls were painted and decorated. They all looked neat and clean. It's such a wall, but after a long time, it has lost its original beauty.

Walls piled up with stones look more natural.

Putting stone patterns on the walls of the room will make you feel fresher along with the air.

If you don't believe it, just try it, it will have a magical effect.

Nowadays, more and more people like the retro style, and the stone wall is gradually being loved by everyone.

But now it is not easy to have a stone wall at home.

The first is that the safety of stone walls is not as high as that of brick walls. It’s too big and heavy. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to make a wall. It’s not cost-effective. So now many people buy a stone-patterned wallpaper that looks really the same and sticks it in their room. In the living room or garden, it seems to have a warm feeling, which is the choice of most people.

Staying at home for too long will always make people visually fatigued and bored.

Why create a new house for yourself? Of course, it is not to demolish the house and rebuild it, but to put on a nice dress for our house and paste your favorite wallpaper to make the room look different.

If you are bored at home, you can choose a few you like Take a few beautiful photos of you in the background and appreciate your own beauty is also extremely happy.

Stone wallpaper can not only decorate the wall, it can be used to decorate everything you want to decorate, you can use it to decorate your fireplace, your floor, and even decorate your toilet, turning your home into a garden , Turn your room into a cave, add a new world to your home, and give your home a magical soul.

A friend of mine likes to watch Avatar very much. I think he has become obsessed. Last Wednesday, I received his invitation to go to his house to appreciate his work. When I entered his house, I was shocked. He restored the entire Avatar world, and at that moment I felt like I had entered the movie.

If you are tired of the room you are living in, just change the room and make your home a real home. When you come home from get off work, seeing the stone fireplace will relieve you of all day’s fatigue. In summer, when you see pebbles on the ground, you will feel extremely cool at home. Working in the field, the stone wall of the bedroom will remind you of the warmth of home, making home the cradle of our childhood.

Life is often accompanied by loneliness.

We spend most of the time alone at home. We often feel that our home is very deserted. The cold walls don’t look warm at all. What you see is just a wall. Your house is just a house and not what you want. Your warm home, don’t live too lonely, give yourself a home.

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