Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day with the scent of roses and chocolates comes again with the pledge of the mountain alliance. This year’s Valentine’s Day is very meaningful to me. Because my Valentine's Day is accompanied by fragrant roses, with the joy of "overwhelming disaster". 

  Want to know what happened? If you see a girl wearing a pink T-shirt holding a basket of roses standing at the entrance of the cinema on Valentine's Day, maybe it is Miss Ben! On that day, our school’s student union and the Red Cross held a charity sale of roses, preparing to donate all the profits to students from poor families to reduce their family burden. As one of the members, I am obliged to go to the market to sell roses. 


When we first started, a senior sister gave us a "psychological vaccination": Last year, they spent a lot of money and only sold one rose. Indeed, the facts also provided a good verification of what the senior sister said: At first, I used  


My "keen observation" saw a couple who looked like a couple. I walked up and smiled and said softly, "Sir, Happy Valentine's Day, buy a rose for the lady!" "Look, my wife is pregnant, and it's not in love, what kind of rose to buy!" The husband pointed to his wife's slightly bulging belly and told me lukewarm, and then walked away. Alas, it was rejected at the beginning, so unfortunate! Huh? There are old couples walking on the opposite side of Jinjiang River! Of course I can't let it go, so I walked over in a stride and said politely: "Uncle, today is Valentine's Day, buy a rose for Auntie!" "How old are we? What kind of Valentine's Day gift is this young? People's things are not suitable for us!" Uncle waved his hand repeatedly. "Love doesn't have age, romance doesn't have age! Buy it, uncle, make auntie happy." I continued to persuade. "What are you doing when you buy it? I think I have a stabbing hand!" Auntie said. It seems that this business is completely out of play. I continue to look for customers, yes! There was a pair of young men and women dressed avant-garde in front, "Handsome guy, buy a rose for a pretty girl! Happy Valentine's Day!" "I think you made a mistake, he is my brother." The woman said to me with black lines. I stayed where I was, ashamed... 


After failing N times, my self-confidence was also severely hit, a sense of loss followed, and depression came unexpectedly. But giving up easily is definitely not my style! I regained my confidence and plucked up the courage to play again. At this time, I have developed a keen vision like an eagle and a keen sense of smell like a dog. I am always looking for "prey" without letting go of the wind and grass. I also summed up the experience: as long as I tell the purpose of selling roses, the chance of success will be doubled. After I was so tired that I had a sore back, dry mouth, and numb hands and feet, I finally sold six roses, which was one of the best sales results. The other members also sold well. We sold all the roses and the charity sale ended successfully. There was a sweet smile on everyone's face. 


  Now I think back to Valentine’s Day, the overwhelming sense of accomplishment and excitement has long since covered the loss and sorrow caused by previous failures. Maybe everything in this world is like this. Memories are like a funnel, sifting away, leaving behind, all is good and joy. I would like to use this document to give me an unforgettable Valentine's Day night, write down the footprints of my growth, and leave a chapter for memory!

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