What are the techniques for taking a perfect portrait near a lake or sea?

What are the techniques for taking a perfect portrait near a lake or sea?

Do you want to learn how to take pictures on the beach like a professional photographer? In fact, it is not as difficult as you imagined. It is not a problem to take good beach photography as long as you follow the following points.


  How to choose the best shooting location

   If you are already familiar with the shooting place, this will be an advantage. But don’t worry if you haven’t been there yet. Pre-planning will help you to shoot successfully. Be sure to observe your shooting location in advance. When you are on the beach, pay attention to the following points: A beautiful background, at what angle and the direction of the sun. How many people are on the beach? Can you reach this place and walk for a while?

   Finding a beautiful background is usually an easy task. However, it is necessary to pay attention to details. Are there trash cans, fences, buildings, cars, and other unsightly objects in the background. Once you have decided on a place, you must decide when to take pictures in the morning or evening.


   The sun cannot directly shine on the surface of the model; it is best to position yourself where the sun is behind them. If you expect a lot of people on the beach, see if there is a less crowded place.

  The angle of the sun you need to know

   A common mistake of novice photographers is to place the model facing the sun so that the sun sets behind. In some cases these methods are reasonable. If there is no external flash, place the model on a certain side, such as a pattern of Rembrandt light.


   Please note that most of the built-in flashes do not have enough energy to balance the sun and its own light. Especially when the sun is behind you. It is recommended to install a flash on the bracket and use a radio synchronizer. This will make your photos look more interesting.

   Shooting time

  Think about it, at sunrise or sunset, you will shoot. Don't shoot on a cloudy day, because in this case, the photo is low-contrast and unsaturated and requires more refinement in Photoshop.


   It is best to start shooting about 5 minutes before sunrise in the morning. To do this, you need to come to the beach beforehand and be prepared to shoot until the sun doesn't seem to be above the horizon. As soon as the sun rises, you will have about 45 minutes before the sun’s rays become too bright. It is best to start the evening one hour before sunset. This will give your portrait a beautiful warm shadow, not such a bright sunlight that will make people squint.

   Costumes for portraits on the beach


   Many portraits on the beach were taken by people wearing white or khaki clothes. This is because these tones are neutral to the environment. If you want more variety, try using blue, green or black. Avoid using bright red, yellow or pink flowers as they will dominate and attract attention, which is especially noticeable in warm sunlight.


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