What are the three elements of photography?

What are the three elements of photography?

1. The aesthetics of photography.

2. The layout of the subject.

3. Running out of photography.

Photography refers to the process of using a certain specialized equipment to record images. Generally, we use a mechanical camera or a digital camera for photography. Sometimes photography is also called photography, that is, the process of exposing the photosensitive medium through the light emitted or reflected by the object.

An incisive language that someone once said: The ability of a photographer is to transform the fleeting and ordinary things in daily life into immortal visual images.

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Three basic elements of photography:

No matter if you know nothing about photography in the past, or are already quite accomplished, whether your purpose of improving your photography skills is to be an amateur photographer or a professional photographer who depends on your livelihood, we will Resonate.

Photography is not only a subject, but also a very knowledgeable art. We can discover the beauty in life again through the third eye. This is a very special place for photography. Next, the Guiyang Wedding Photography Studio— —The editor of Century Bride will guide you to the light and shadow world of photography.

For any outstanding person in photography, the most important thing is to develop your "eyesight", that is, learn to observe. You must have seen some beautiful photos: "How I would like to be able to take a photo like this!" But if you just look at it, you can't improve your photography skills.

When you see a beautiful photo, can you tell why it is beautiful? Can you tell how the authors of these works made these photos to make them so radiant? Of course, sometimes newspapers The magazine will tell you the brand name and lens of the camera used to take these photos, and even the aperture and film used.

These are all technical details, but it will not help you to take good photos. Just as you know the names of the paints and brushes used by Leonardo da Vinci to paint, but you can't draw the famous paintings like <<Mona Lisa>>.   In the process of photography, the most important thing is to know what to pursue.

After absorbing over the years about what should be pursued in the photos, you will begin to have your own methods and insights on how to observe and capture the beautiful scenery in the world around you. This ability and skill to discover beautiful scenery in the surrounding world is called "the photographer's eyesight."

There are three principles below. As long as you pay attention to these three principles, you will find that you will soon be able to view, analyze and evaluate a beautiful photo with a new perspective. And more importantly, you will start to observe the world with a new standard and new way, so as to capture your lens with new eyes.

The three principles are:

1. The theme you want to express.

2. A protagonist who can attract attention.

3. Concise and clear screen.


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