What is the best use for a Nikon camera?

What is the best use for a Nikon camera?

Conceiving new functions for the cameras of the future is one of the favorite things for many photography enthusiasts. However, this idea should not be too wild, at least it must be technically feasible and of practical value. Here are the 10 new features proposed by "N-Photo" and "Digital Camera" magazines for Nikon's future cameras. How much can Nikon users agree with?

The Nikon D4x digital SLR concept camera designed by Marc Levinson

1. Add level information to EXIF ​​data

Many Nikon SLR cameras have an electronic level function. It is certainly not difficult to add this information to the EXIF ​​data of the photo. After adding the level information, the post software can automatically correct the level of the photo. ——Angela Nicholson, Director of Evaluation Center

2. Touch screen

The function of the touch screen is not to completely replace the camera control, but to allow users to quickly set menus or zoom photos during playback, saving a lot of time pressing buttons. Cameras such as D3000/D5000 that are set via the screen urgently need a touch screen. ——Amy Davies, member of the evaluation team

3. Built-in gradient filter in the camera

Since the Nikon camera has the D-Lighting function, it is of course easy to add the built-in gradient filter function. This function can be set before taking a photo like Active D-Lighting, and it has also been used as an option for post-processing. ——Chris Rutter, Technical Editor of "Digital Camera"

4. Built-in ND filter

It is useful for shooting dynamic blur effects or shooting shallow depth-of-field photos in a good light environment. Not sure how to implement it technically, but this is a very useful feature. -"Digital Camera" Photoshop practical editor Ben Brain/technical editor Chris Rutter

5. Detachable LCD screen

How about having a rear LCD screen connected wirelessly? You can mount it on the camera for normal shooting, or take it off and use it remotely. —— Rod Lawton, Technical Editor of "N-Photo"

6. A simple manual SLR camera with no extra functions

Very suitable for photography students, but also for those of us who want to return to the most basic photography. Don't auto exposure, only manual shutter speed and aperture control. I might want white balance control and autofocus, but only one focus point. Nikon can name it FM-D. ——Ben Brain

7. Voice commands

The camera can be controlled by voice commands, such as "center focus point", "focus lock" or "shoot in 5 seconds". This will free your hands and even control the camera from a distance. ——Editor Peter Trabers

8. The AF point area covers the edge of the viewfinder

Obviously there are some technical reasons why this cannot be done, but it is really useful. You can focus on the edges in live view, but in principle it is not the same thing. ——"N-Photo" Editor Chris George/Test Center Director Angela Nicholson

9. Built-in 3G

Make your Nikon camera a wireless hotspot. This is not to say that the camera is going to be a mobile phone-3G technology can have many uses besides making phone calls. In this way, geographic location information can also be added to the photos, and no GPS module is needed. ——"N-Photo" Chris George

10. Reset options button

How many times have you taken a bunch of photos with the wrong settings? I need a button that can instantly reset the camera back to custom default settings, maybe two. ——"N-Photo" Rod Lawton


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