What is your biggest gain from photography? Is it a work? Is money? then what?

What is your biggest gain from photography? Is it a work? Is money? then what?

Original title: What is your biggest gain from photography? Is it a work? Is money? then what?

In the past 20 years of photography, from the era of black and white film to color film, he entered the era of digital photography and experienced three photography eras. Photography is my second occupation, besides work, I am engaged in photography creation. I am studying Chinese language and literature. The creative techniques of literature and the artistic conception of poetry and songs have greatly helped my photography. It can be said that for the past 30 years, I have been engaged in writing media and photography, and both have developed together. , Promote each other, and the continuous enhancement of aesthetic awareness has continuously improved the level of photography.

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In terms of photography: "Living to be old, learning to be old; living to old, photographing to be old". Photography art, learning endlessly, constantly exploring, and constantly enriching the background of my own photography art. Through photography, do more things that are beneficial to society. In the past 30 years of photography, I have indeed gained a lot from photography creation, and it is the spiritual wealth of my life.

What did you gain the most from photography? Is it a work or what?

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1. I have been engaged in photography for nearly 30 years, traveling thousands of miles, traveling all over the mountains and rivers of the motherland. "The heaven and the earth have great beauty", witnessed, personally felt, the collision and understanding of nature, and the expression of people's thoughts and emotions through nature.

2. To permeate and excavate the phenomenon of the vast world, the complicated and changeable society, grasp the context of the development of the times, and reflect the social phenomenon through the art of photography to promote social development.

3. Through the art of photography, objectively and truly record the historical world, travel through time and space, spread the world, promote the progress of the world, and change the development of the world.

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4. Art comes from life, is higher than life, and finally reflects life; create excellent photographic art and wood works, through art appreciation, subtly, entertaining, educating, and inspiring people.

5. Outstanding photographic works are released through the platform for everyone to share, so that friends who learn photography can be inspired and guided, and sharing is also a joy.

6. Meeting friends by filming, making progress together, and passing through the bridges and bonds of photography. Connect many netizens through the Internet and WeChat, communicate and learn together, and develop together.

7. Enrich one's social experience through photographic art creation. Experience is wealth. Constantly improving one's own cultivation level can further improve the ability of photographic art creation.

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8. Through photographic art creation, constantly improve one's own aesthetic and artistic accomplishment, and create better and better photographic works. This is the contribution to society.


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