What kind of birthday backdrop is most suitable?

What kind of birthday backdrop is most suitable?

I have a 15-year-old sister. Next Wednesday will be her birthday.

Although she always fights with her sister, as a brother, I always let her.

I just had a quarrel with her not long ago, in order to maintain the friendly relationship between us, so I want to prepare an unforgettable birthday party for my sister.

In my sister’s room I saw that she has a pirate ship, I guess she should like the birthday backdrop.

But yesterday I saw my dad gave my mom a bouquet of flowers. My mom seemed to be very happy, so I wondered if girls would like flowers more.

Maybe she likes shiny ones

Would it be more romantic to touch her?

If there is a balloon, will it make me pay more attention to her?

But I don’t think my sister is a kid anymore, but she’s not an adult either. I feel that the background is better.


Or it would be more suitable like this

I'm a brother who doesn't understand my sister, hahaha

Do you have any good suggestions?

Sister's birthday is coming soon

Urgent, online etc.

If you have any good suggestions please let me know
My email: MR5683Rose@ouotlook.com

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